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How do I publish GIFs through Agorapulse?
How do I publish GIFs through Agorapulse?
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You can publish a single GIF post on Facebook, and the GIF will be animated. As soon as you add more than one image (GIFs or any other supported formats), none of the GIFs in the batch will be animated.

Note: Alternatively you can convert your GIF to an MP4 file if you have the resources to do so. You can also upload it to a free tool such as Giphy, and then download it in MP4 format. The video file (MP4) can then be uploaded to Agorapulse.


GIF format is accepted on Instagram. However, it won't be animated when published via the API. You could use a similar method that is mentioned in the note abive.


GIF format is accepted on Twitter, and animated GIFs are handled well.

Please check the following recommendations for uploading animated GIFs on Twitter:

  • Resolution should be max 1280x1080 (width x height)

  • The number of frames should be a maximum of 350

  • The number of pixels (width * height * num_frames) should be a maximum of 300 million


GIF format is accepted on LinkedIn. A GIF image will be animated when published.

General requirements

Please make sure you comply with the general image specifications described here. For example, it's important to know that the maximum file size accepted in Agorapulse is 5Mb.

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