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How do I leave a comment on a post?
Updated over a week ago

When a post is being assigned

If you are assigning a post, you can leave a first comment directly when you assign the post in the comment box, this is the one that the assigned user will see when they receive the notification

To see how to assign a post check this article

When a post hasn't been assigned

You can leave a comment at any time on a post by going to the comments tab.

Note: To leave a comment on an unassigned post, the post has to be scheduled first.

It is important to note that sending comments is instantaneous, as soon as you press send, other users will be notified and able to see it. All the users assigned to the post, or those that have commented will be notified.

However, if a user is already in the comment section, they will need to reload the page to see it.

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