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Post approval workflow
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You can easily assign a post for review to one or multiple users. Assigned users will be notified once the post is completed and you click the Assign button. You can reassign posts to colleagues before approving, and leave comments so that you can discuss changes that need to be made.

Assigning a post

At the bottom of the Composer window, you will see the Assign to button - by default all posts are assigned to No one. Click on the No one field and this will take you to the assignment options.

In the assignment options, you can choose who to assign this post to. You may assign it to one, or multiple users at once.

When you assign a post, you can also leave a comment that the assigned users will receive.

Comments can be made either External, which means that external clients (via the Shared Calendars) will also see them; or they can be made Internal, which means that only your Agorapulse teammates can see them.

Bulk-assigning posts

When you are within your calendar, you can switch to the List view. This will allow you to select multiple posts and then assign these all at once. Saving you time!

To get into the List view, simply click on the List view button at the top of the calendar view:

Once you are in the List view, you can filter the posts to display only your Scheduled posts (or any other post status you want to display):

After you have selected the status (in this example, scheduled), we will display only scheduled posts. From here:

  1. Select multiple posts you want to send for approval

  2. Select the Bulk actions button

  3. Select Send for approval

This will open up the bulk assign window which will allow you to select the user(s) (internal or external) you wish to assign these posts to.

Once you have selected the desired user(s), click the Send all for approval button. This will send all the posts for approval!

Note: It is not possible to bulk-assign posts that have already been assigned to yourself (or anyone else)

Next steps

If a post is assigned to you, you have a few options for your next steps:

  • Leave comment on the post - this doesn't change the approval status of the post but adds your comment to the 'conversation'.

  • Reassign the post - you assign the post again to another team member for approval. You can choose to send a comment when you reassign.

  • Approve the post - You can approve the content for all assignees (if the post is assigned to multiple users), or just approve the post for yourself.

  • Reject the post - you can reject the post. This will notify the user who assigned the post that it has been rejected.
    Please note that once rejected, the status of the post will be rejected. This means that if no action is taken the post will not be published.

The GIF below shows these options in action:


If you select Everyone must approve, all the users you assign the post will have to review and approve the post for it to be published. If one user does not approve the post before the scheduled publishing time, it will not publish.

If the post is assigned to more than one person, an assignee can't reassign the post to someone else. Only the person who created the post can edit who it is assigned to.

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