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Power Reports: Can I have my Reports exported automatically to my email inbox?
Power Reports: Can I have my Reports exported automatically to my email inbox?
Updated over a week ago

Yes - you can have your Reports emailed to you automatically so that you don't need to worry about exporting it manually again. This feature is available as part of the Power Reports add-on. To start receiving your Reports, you need to configure an automatic scheduled report.

We've made it easy to access the settings where you can create a scheduled report - just click the Click here to schedule it link in the export modal window. (Or head over to Profile settings - Automatic scheduled reports, directly.)

Creating a new scheduled report

Please note only people with Admin or Editor roles on a given social profile can create a scheduled report. Learn more about roles here.

Start by clicking on the Schedule new report button. Then:


Give your report a name - this is required.


Choose the period and frequency of the report:

  • if Monthly is chosen, a report for the previous month will be automatically delivered on the 2nd of the next month (e.g. on July 2nd for the month of June)

  • if Weekly is chosen, the report for the last week period will be automatically delivered every Monday

In both cases, reports are delivered around 10:30 AM (your local time).


Choose the report format:

  • PDF Global Report (this will export all available metrics)

  • PDF Personalized Report (this will allow you to select metrics/sections you'd like to export)

  • CSV Global Report (this will export all metrics but in a sortable .csv file format)

  • CSV Content Performance Report (this will export your content's performance metrics, in sortable .csv file format)

  • PowerPoint format (this will export all metrics in a .pptx format)


Select recipients of the report - it can be anyone from your team (internal recipients), as well as anyone else to whom you want to email the report files (external recipients).

By default, you as the creator are selected - you must select at least 1 recipient. Any other team member having any kind of role is displayed and can be chosen as the recipient - you can select any number of recipients. Users having a Member role in the Organization can only select themselves as recipient.

You can also set as many external recipients as you want - external recipients need to validate their email addresses (they'll receive a validation link together with the first email with the report), otherwise, they won't receive the emails with reports. An external recipient can unsubscribe from receiving emails at any time.

Remember, only Admins and Editors on a given profile can actually create scheduled reports (so for example, Moderators can't create automatically scheduled reports, but can receive it if someone else chooses them as recipients).


Configure additional settings, such as the language of the report, timezone of the report, date and time format that will be applied and the start of the week. These are taken from your Personal settings, by default.


When done, click the Save button.

Editing or removing a scheduled report

To edit or remove a scheduled report, click on the report. Then make the changes and save, or click Delete to delete the report and stop receiving it.

How to schedule automatic Custom reports

When you are creating a new Custom report or if you are modifying a report, in the Settings section you will see an option for Automatic scheduled reports.

Make sure the toggle is enabled.

Once you have enabled this toggle, you will be able to configure the following details:

1. Export Settings

  • Report frequency (Weekly or Monthly)

2. Internal recipients

  • Select the internal users you want the report to be sent to

3. External recipients

  • If you want the report to be sent to someone outside of Agorapulse, here is where you can enter their email address, first name and last name

4. Configuration options

  • Language

  • Timezone

  • Time format

  • Date format

  • What day do you want the week to start on

Once you are happy with your settings, you can continue with the report options and click Create once ready.

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