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Why am I seeing a "too many devices" message?
Why am I seeing a "too many devices" message?
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If you are logging into Agorapulse and seeing a message stating "Too many devices using this account" then you may be wondering why this is happening and how to stop this from happening.

Why is this message appearing?

If you are seeing the below message when logging into Agorapulse, it means that our system has detected that your account is being used on too many devices, possibly meaning more than 1 user is using the account which is against our ToS.

It is only possible to be logged into 2 computers and 1 mobile device at any time.

How can I progress by this screen?

All you need to do is click on the email address or mobile number listed and we will send a code. Once the code has been received, enter the code to verify your account.

Once you have verified your account we will display all the devices that are logged in with your account. We will display the following properties to give you a clear understanding:

  • Device type

  • Country

  • Date and time it was logged in

From this screen, you will be given the option to log out as many devices are you want.

Note: We will let you know exactly how many computers and mobile phones you need to log out before you can proceed.

Once you have logged out the required amount of devices, you will then be able to use the Continue to Agorapulse button.

Why do we prevent seat sharing?

Our plans are designed on a per-user basis, meaning that each Agorapulse user must have their own login details. If multiple users are using your account, please purchase a user add-on from your Subscription window here.

There are many reasons why sharing login details is against our ToS:

  • Data Security: Unauthorized access may compromise sensitive information.

  • Account Takeover: Unauthorized users can damage your brand's reputation.

  • Data Loss: Shared accounts are more susceptible to data loss.

  • Access Control Issues: Managing who can access what becomes complex.

  • Audit Trails and Accountability: Difficult to track user actions.

  • Security Breaches: Increased vulnerability to breaches.

  • Compliance and Legal Risks: Non-compliance may lead to legal consequences.

  • Loss of Control: Managing the account effectively becomes challenging.

  • Limited Support: Personalized support is hindered.

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