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How to use your Bitly account to shorten links
How to use your Bitly account to shorten links
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If you have a Bitly account, you can use this directly within Agorapulse to shorten your links instead of using our shortener.

How to add your Bitly account to Agorapulse

1. Open the composer and enter a URL. Agorapulse will recognise this and will turn it into a link. Now click the Untracked button and then Create campaign tracking.

Note: If you have campaigns already created, you can either edit an existing campaign (1) or create a new one by using the + icon (2).

2. The Edit campaign tracking window will now be open. Under Shortening tool, select the Shorten with option.

If this is the first time you are connecting a account to Agorapulse, we will redirect you to Bitly where you will need to log in with your account and authorise Agorapulse to use your account.

Note: If you have multiple Bititly accounts connected you can view these by using the drop-down list (1). To add another Bitly account, use the Add button (2).

3. Once you have connected your Bitly account and are happy with your campaign, select Apply. Going forward whenever you use this tracking campaign, your links will be shortened using your Bitly account.

Note: When viewing the post preview, you will notice the URL ending in 4g0r4+. This is a placeholder and will not be published like this.

Can I use a custom domain?

If you have a Bitly paid account connected to Agorapulse, you can utilize the option to use a full custom domain when shortening your links, provided your Bitly paid account includes this feature. Here is an example of what this would look like:

Note: Back-hand customization (eg /agorapulse) is not available because it has to be set up for a specific link in Bitly and we can only integrate Bitly at the account level (where the custom domain name is defined)

For more detailed information regarding link tracking and shortening. Head over to this article here.

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