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How to create and manage link type posts
How to create and manage link type posts
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There are several ways to edit a link preview in Agorapulse. In this article, we will show you how to:

  • Create a link preview

  • Remove a link preview

  • Edit the title of a link preview

  • Change the thumbnail to a link preview

  • Shorten and track a link

  • How to delete link shortening and tracking

Create a link preview

A link preview automatically generates when a link is pasted or typed into the composer:

If you do not want the URL to show in your caption, simply delete it after the link has been parsed:

Remove a link preview

If you only want to show the link URL, but not the link preview, simply select the trash icon:

Edit the title of a link preview

Note: It is not possible to edit a link preview on Facebook unless you have a verified account. To verify your domain, please refer to Facebook's documentation. It is not possible to edit a link preview on Twitter. If you would like to have a customized image for a link on Twitter, you need to create an image-type post and add the link in the main caption text.

It is possible to modify the title of the link preview for Linkedin and for verified Facebook profiles. The Title field is also mandatory To do so, scroll down to the Link attachment section of the composer:

Please note: When creating a link-type post on LinkedIn, the Title field is mandatory.

Change the thumbnail of a link preview

Note: For Facebook, it is no longer an option to edit the thumbnail, title or description of a link preview. For more information on this, see this help centre article

You can change the thumbnail of the link preview (depending on the social network) and upload an image from your computer, Library, or from the Canva integration:

To shorten and track a link

Our link-shortening feature is embedded in the link-tracking feature. The reason for this is for us to help our users always measure the impact of their work. To learn more, check the How to measure the impact of your work with Agorapulse article and a video tutorial on how to track UTM tracking codes.

If there already is an existing campaign you want to use:

If you don't want to use an existing campaign:

How to delete link shortening and tracking

Once you've shortened a link if you no longer want it to be shortened:

If a default tracking has been activated for all links, whenever you add a link to your post, the link will automatically be shortened (and tracked).

If you want to disable default link tracking do the following:

Going forward, links will no longer be shortened or tracked.

For more on shortened link previews, see this article.

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