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I can't log in to Agorapulse
Updated over a week ago

If you’re facing an issue with logging into Agorapulse on your desktop, there may be several reasons why this is happening:


First, please make sure you're using one of the supported browsers and check if it’s up to date:

(Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft, thus we no longer support it either.)


If your browser is up to date, try to delete the cache of your browser and log in again. Hopefully, you’ll be able to log in then. Also please make sure AdBlock or any other browser extension that may be blocking JavaScript from running, is disabled. You can also set up the exception in AdBlock settings, for the following domain:


If you’re still facing problems with logging in, try to open this link and remove the Agorapulse app from the list. Open Agorapulse in a new tab and try to log in, making sure you grant all the permissions.


If you still can’t log in, there may be several reasons. It can be due to the security settings of your network. If you’re working from a computer that is connected to the corporate network, you may need to contact your IT department to whitelist Agorapulse in the network. This typically applies to banks, non-government organizations, etc.5

If you’ve been through all this and still can’t log in, don’t give up! Open the Console of your browser (Ctrl + Shift ⇧ + J combo or F12 key on Windows, or Cmd ⌘ + Opt ⌥ + J on Mac). Then open Agorapulse, try to log in and take a screenshot (or record a video) for us. We’ll be happy to look into what’s happening there.


Special DNS use case

If you’re doing a web development and you’re using a localhost on your PC, there may be a problem with opening certain webpages, such as Agorapulse, for example. Wamp, EasyPHP Devserver and similar tools can block ports or re-route the connection, which can cause the inability to load some web pages. If you´re facing this problem, try to turn off your localhost software and login again.

If you’re on a network, on which you had to set DNS manually, rather than obtaining it automatically, there may be a problem with loading Agorapulse as well (screenshot below). In this case, switching the address to a Google address can help. Here’s an article where you can find the settings and how to change them.

Addresses should be:

  • Google primary DNS:

  • Alternative server:


Agorapulse mobile app

If you're facing a problem with the login on your mobile, there may be several reasons:

  • make sure you are entering the correct email address and password you use to log into Agorapulse

  • if you use Facebook to log into Agorapulse, please check this article here on how to enable email address and password login

  • if you are unsure of your password, please try a password reset

If there’s still a problem with login, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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