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Writing Assistant
Updated over a week ago

The Writing Assistant uses the latest AI technology to help you create engaging social media content in a breeze. Whether you're writing a tweet, a Facebook post, an Instagram caption, or a LinkedIn update, our AI-powered tool will provide you with suggestions and insights to make your content shine.

The Writing Assistant feature is available in the Agorapulse Mobile app, as well as the desktop app.

How to use Writing Assistant

Open up your composer and start creating your first draft, then simply click on the Writing Assistant button to get started.

This will then open up the Writing Assistant feature. From here you can choose from a variety of AI-powered tones:

You can also go into Format and either shorten or expand your text:

Once you are happy with your new text, click Send to Composer which will replace your original.

You can now schedule/publish your post as is or add any final touches to it.


  • Writing Assistant is only available in the Publishing composer for creating or editing a post

  • Writing Assistant can only enhance text, it is not possible to generate text

Note: Writing Assistant is available depending on the subscription plan you have. If you would like to change your plan to access this feature, feel free to reach out to us here. Writing assistant is also not available during a Free trial period.

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