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Boosting a Facebook post within Agorapulse is super simple and easy. This article will give you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do, and what options are available to you.

When it comes to boosting a Facebook post with Agorapulse, there's no specific user role limitation, which means that all users who can edit posts can set boosting options!

To get started, open up the composer and select the Facebook page you want to publish to. Under Facebook options, you will find the Boost Post option.

Note: The post should be scheduled on only one date on the selected Facebook page

If you have multiple Facebook pages selected, the Boost Post option will be greyed out. As a workaround to this, you can customize the posts individually. For more info on how to customize posts, please take a look at this article here.

Also, you can open an already published post from your publishing calendar or reports and use the Boost Post button.

Note: The Facebook page must have at least one ad account associated with it, otherwise the button will be greyed out. To see how to connect an ad account, check out our article here.

After choosing to boost your post, a new window will open with 4 sections which allow you to choose different options. From the audience you want to boost your post to and which city or country to how long you want the post to be boosted for.

The 4 sections are as follows:

  • Facebook Ad Account

  • Audience

  • Schedule and duration

  • Budget

Continue reading for more information about each section.

1. Facebook Ad Account

The first section when boosting your post is to select the Facebook Ad Account that you want to be used for billing and boost setup. Clicking on the drop-down list will show you the list of available ad accounts that have been set up for the select Facebook page.

2. Audience

This section is where you can select the location, age, gender and interests of those you want to reach with your post.

Gender & Age

Within here you can select the gender you want to target and the age range (18 to 65+).


In the location section, you can select from the following location types:

  • Country

  • City

  • Zip Code

  • Region

Once you have chosen the location type, simply search and add the location using the search box provided.

Note: You can add multiple different options under each location type.


In this section, you can search for the interests you want your post to be aimed towards. Your post will then be shown to people who match at least one of the interests you have selected.

Note: You can select multiple interests.

3. Schedule & Duration

In this section, you can choose how long your post will be boosted. You can either do this by the following methods:

Specific start and end date and start time

You choose the date and time you want the post to be boosted. This allows you to boost a post at a later date after a post is published.

On Post Publication

The post will be boosted as soon as the post is published.

Note: You can pause it at any time.

4. Budget

In the final section, you get to decide the maximum amount you want to spend on your boosting until you stop running it.

Once all sections have been completed, you will find a Payment summary of your Boost. This will show the following details:

  • The start date of when your post will be boosted

  • How long your post will be boosted for

  • The selected ad account chosen

  • The total budget

If you are happy, you can go ahead and either publish your post or schedule your post ready to be published.

Note: Once the post has been boosted via Agorapulse, it will not be possible to boost it again within Agorapulse.

Important information

  • Some boosts may fail (especially on video posts) because we are not able to distinguish all posts that Facebook regards as 'eligible for promotion'.

  • If a boost fails, the post will still be published on Facebook.

  • If a boost fails, money will not be deducted from your account. Facebook only charges when the post is boosted successfully.

  • If your ad token drops then all boosts will fail. A valid ad token is needed.

  • At the moment we do not have a full list of reasons why Boosts may fail. However, the most common reasons are due to too restrictive targeting, an insufficient budget or a restricted account.

What is not possible?

  • Provide more advanced targeting options

  • Use a predefined audience

  • Select an existing campaign

  • Schedule boosts in a group of posts containing several Facebook pages and/or several dates — in the meantime, workarounds are a) to use the Boosting option when customizing each post in the group and b) to split the group of posts

  • Schedule boost on draft posts

  • Schedule boost on queued posts

  • Drag & drop in the publishing calendar post containing a boost

  • If a post has already been boosted on Facebook, we are not able to show this information within Agorapulse.

Note: Facebook post boosting is available depending on the subscription plan you have. If you would like to change your plan to access this feature, feel free to reach out to us here.

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