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Managing your team
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This article explains how you can add and remove users in your Agorapulse plan.

For a more detailed explanation on the roles available and permissions you can give your team, check out our Team Settings Explained article.

Please note: only users who have the role of Owner or Manager in your Organization can invite Team members or edit permissions for existing team members.

How to add a user to your team

You can invite new users to the team by doing the following:

  • Click the + button in the left-nav bar and select Invite team members

Alternatively, you can click your profile picture in the bottom-left of the screen and then choose Invite team members.

On the next screen you need to check the following options:

  1. Enter the email address for your new team member

  2. Choose the organization role for your team member.

    1. A Manager role automatically allows them an admin role on all profiles, the ability to connect/disconnect profiles and the ability to add/remove team members.

    2. You can also choose the extra options of Access subscription page and Workspace creation/deletion (if available in your plan).

  3. If you have selected a Member role you can decide to give them access to manage social profiles. If given they will have the ability to connect/disconnect profiles.

  4. For your team member, you can also choose which profiles they can access and what role they can have on those profiles. Refer to our Team Settings Explained article for more information on this.

  5. Don't forget to click the Save button to send the invitation.

Please note: Agorapulse invitations expire after 60 days.

If this time has passed you will need to resend the invitation.

How to edit permissions

You can edit permissions for existing team members, or on pending invitations.

Please note: Owners and Managers are not able to edit their own permissions. If they need their permissions changed they will need to reach out to another Manager or the organization Owner.

Navigate to your team settings and click on the 3 dots to the right of the user you wish to update. Select View full user details to open the user's details.

You can change the permissions listed for the user:

  • update organization role - from Member to Manager, or vice versa

  • change the list of profiles they can access

  • change the level of access they have on each profile

Just remember to click the Update button to save your changes.

How to cancel or resend an invitation

Navigate to your team settings and click on the 3 dots to the right of the user with a pending invitation.

The menu that opens gives you a few options:

  • View full user details - this will open the users' details page where you can change the permissions on the invitation

  • Remove user - this allows you to cancel the invitation that has been sent

  • Copy link to invite - copy the link to the invite to share with your team member in another way

  • Resend invitation - resends the invitation to your team members email address

How to remove a team member?

Navigate to your team settings and click on the 3 dots to the right of the user you wish to remove. Click Remove user from the menu list.

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