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What do I get with the Free plan? What are the limits?
What do I get with the Free plan? What are the limits?
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Disclaimer: Specifications of the Free Plan are subject to change. If you have any feedback, please contact us at

General info about Free Plan

Agorapulse offers everyone a Free Plan without asking for a credit card or a commitment. The Free Plan isn't time-bound, however, if you don't connect to Agorapulse for more than a year, we'll delete your account. The Free Plan does include the:

  • up to 3 social profiles*

  • 1 user seat

  • 100 synced Inbox items

  • 10 scheduled posts

*Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and Google My Business profiles are not supported on the Free plan

The limit of 10 scheduled posts is not calculated on a monthly basis and it's the limit for the whole Organization (i.e. the single limit applies to all social profiles). It is reset every time a scheduled post gets published.

The first initialization of social profiles after they're connected doesn't count towards these limits.

As soon as you subscribe to any paid subscription plan, we lift the limits accordingly right away.

Details of the Free Plan for individual features are the following:


We'll sync 100 items (comments, messages,... etc.) per month. This limit is calculated for the whole Organization. Once you reach the limit, new items stop coming into your Inbox - you'll be notified by email. Managing (replying, liking, reviewing,...) already synced items is going to be possible even after you've reached the limit.

We sync new incoming Inbox items every 2 hours. We sync comments on the last 100 active ads, every 4 hours.

Advanced inbox features not available in Free Plan:


The Social listening feature is not available in the Free Plan.


You can schedule up to 10 posts. If you schedule a post on multiple networks at the same time - e.g. on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram - posts will be counted separately (1 profile = 1 post).

Advanced scheduling features not available in the Free Plan:

What if you have more than 10 scheduled posts?

If you have more than 10 posts scheduled, you may start off with a negative counter and you will have to delete these posts until your counter is reset. Otherwise, you won't be able to schedule any more posts.


You can view reports for the last 30-day period only (if there is no data for the whole 30-day period, we'll show all that is available) - custom time period selection is not available. Also, you can't export a report into .PDF / .PPTX / .CSV file(s) and you can't use the Competitors feature.

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