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How do I publish an Instagram Reel?
How do I publish an Instagram Reel?
Updated over a week ago

With Agorapulse, you can schedule Instagram Reel posts.

To publish a Reel:

  • Open the composer and select an Instagram profile

  • Upload a video (for a list of recommended specifications please refer to this article)

  • In the Instagram options, select Reel

  • The option Also share to Feed is enabled by default

    • When this option is enabled, after publishing, the Reel appears both in the account's Reel tab and in its grid view

    • When this option is disabled, after publishing, the Reel only appears in the account's Reel tab

  • You can upload your own custom thumbnail by simply going into Edit video

  • Finish creating your post and schedule it: it'll be automatically published

Things to note about publishing Reels:

1. Due to API limitations, Reels scheduled from Agorapulse can only use original audio at this time. To add custom audio to your Reel, you may schedule your Reel post from Agorapulse, and enable the Publish via push notification option.

2. It is possible to publish Reels longer than 89sec. However, Reels with a duration between 89sec - 15 minutes long will not appear in the Instagram Reels tab. We display a warning about this when you create the post.

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