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How can I use add-ons in my subscription?
Updated over a week ago

Agorapulse's pricing model is now based on pricing per user (PPU). Each plan is purchased for 1 user and each additional user on the plan will cost the same as the first user. This is explained in more detail here.

We have designed the plans so that you will get the right set of features to suit your specific needs as a cost effective price. If there are features you need that are not included in your plan, you should consider changing to another plan.

You can add unlimited users to your plan and the price is the same as the first user. At some point it will make sense to consider another plan. You can also add extra social profiles without the need of upgrading to a higher plan.

Extra social profiles can be added to all plans (except the Free plan). The cost to add another profile is:

  • $15/profile/month* when the billing frequency is monthly

  • $10/profile/month* when the billing frequency is yearly

  • This cost may be customised in the Custom plan.

If you have Twitter profiles, and you would like access to the Inbox, Fans & Followers and Reports features, you will need to purchase the Twitter Plus add-on. This costs $50 and is valid for up to 5 Twitter profiles.

* you may pay in Euros, instead of USD - the currency is set automatically, based on your location

Configuring add-ons (new subscription)

You can configure add-ons in the 1st step of the subscription process. The subscription summary page allows you to choose your add-ons at the same time as you choose your plan. The final amount will be calculated accordingly, and you'll see it on the screen.

Configuring add-ons (editing existing subscription)

You can add or remove an add-on at any time, during your ongoing subscription. Both the Organization owner and any team members who are managers can make changes to the add-ons.

The price for the add-on will be calculated accordingly (you'll pay the pro-rated amount). Click on your profile picture in the bottom left of the screen, then click Subscription. Alternatively, head over to Organization settings - Subscription to edit the add-ons you have. When finished, simply click on Update subscription - the changes will have immediate effect.

Configuring add-ons (in context)

We've made it easier to purchase add-ons in other areas of the tool where it makes sense. This is to save you time, so you don't have to leave the area of the tool you are in, to purchase your add-ons. For example, when looking at your team settings, you can purchase another user without leaving the team settings menu.

Purchasing add-ons in this way has an immediate effect on your plan.

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