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A guide to master our publishing features
A guide to master our publishing features
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This guide will outline what the new publishing features and improvements are, and how you and your team can start using them from today.

What will this article cover?


We’ve improved some of our core features to make the task of publishing and scheduling your content quick and easy for you and your team. 🥳

These improvements mean you can now:

  1. Customize individual social media posts

  2. Add and customize links

  3. Add mentions

  4. Upload and edit media files

  5. Schedule content

  6. Assign content for approval

  7. Leave comments on your scheduled posts

  8. Find your content from a list view in the Social Calendar

New features:

We’ve also launched a new set of features that will improve productivity and make your current scheduling and publishing processes more efficient. 🚀

These new features mean you can now:

  1. Minimize posts

  2. Add the first comment on Instagram

  3. Preview your Instagram grid

  4. Create content for Google My Business

  5. Save drafts

  6. Write calendar notes

  7. Use new calendar filters

  8. Find grouped posts

What’s improved:

Customize individual social media posts

The old version didn't give you many options if you wanted to customize your social media posts. For example, customizing your posts for different Facebook Pages was not possible. 😫

In this new version, you’ll have a much larger text box with new features that will allow you to easily customize the content for each one of your social media profiles. For example, you could customize the copy for each one of your Facebook Pages to make sure that you’re targeting the right audience with the right content.

It’s super simple to customize a piece of content: When you’re previewing the post, just click on the pencil icon located in the top right corner and start customizing.

When you’re in the central panel or editing an individual post, you can choose to customize your content by adding:

  • Emojis (you can use the search bar to find them)

  • Your location

  • Your saved hashtags lists

  • Location Targeting

  • Language Targeting

You’ll also find that our new preview view will give you a clearer, more accurate picture of what your content will look like once it's published. ✨

Add and customize your links

In the previous version, when you added a link to a post, this link would appear inside a separate box and it would be removed from the post. 🤷‍♀️

To give you more flexibility, the new version will now let you customize the links that you want to share. Any link that you add will now remain in the text box so you can customize it, or delete it if you prefer.

In summary, with this new option you can:

  • Keep your links as a part of your post

  • Keep your links and add a custom thumbnail to your post

  • Delete your links and keep them as attachments

Compared to the old version, this new version allows you to add customized UTM codes in a much easier way. UTM codes help you measure the impact of social media on your website traffic.

Simply click on this icon to start customizing the UTMs on your post.

Seamlessly mention other accounts

In the old version, it was difficult to mention different social media profiles in one single post as each mention had to be added individually from the customization window.

To add mentions in this new version, simply start typing “@” followed by the name of the account you want to tag. Once you’ve clicked on the account you want to mention, you’ll then see the option to individually tag that account on multiple social media channels.

This means that you’ll always tag the right accounts on the right social media platforms. ✅

Upload and edit media files

In the previous version, uploading images or videos was only possible if you uploaded each file individually from the dedicated section. This could be a time-consuming process. 😅

In this new version, we’ve made the uploading and editing of media files much easier by allowing you to:

  • Select what type of asset you want to upload by clicking the


  • Upload media files by dragging and dropping your assets directly into your post or media library

  • Edit your media files (crop, resize, create thumbnails, add alt text, and delete) by clicking the three dots within each asset

  • Re-organize your media files in a way that works for you.

How to schedule content

The previous version gave you the option to schedule your posts multiple times, but this new version allows you to select one or more publishing slots for your content and select different publishing hours for each one of your social media posts.

Note: If you select another social media profile after you’ve already scheduled a post, you will need to schedule that post on the additional social media profile too.

How to assign content for approval

The previous version only allowed you to assign content to one person at a time, and there was no way to assign content to more than one approver.

In this new version, not only can you assign content to more than one person, but you can also send it to multiple people for approval. Just click the toggle to ensure that your content gets approved by everyone before it is published.

We’ve also added an “assigned to me” button in the top right corner of your calendar to give you easy access to all the posts that have been assigned to you.

Leave comments on your scheduled posts

In the previous version, you couldn’t share comments with internal or external stakeholders without assigning the post to them first.

In this new version, to communicate with internal and external stakeholders you don’t need to assign the post to them first, you can simply start a comment thread and track and share feedback and ideas from within the post. It’s quick, easy, and simple. 🙌

How to find your content from a list view in the Social Calendar

In the previous version, all your scheduled posts were shown in a singular list view. But this made it difficult to see which posts were due to go live, when they were scheduled to go live, and which channels they were scheduled to go live on.

This is why we’ve included access to the Unified List View from your calendar.

The Unified List View allows you to see all the posts that have been created together, so you can review their publishing times and apply changes, in bulk or individually, without having to search for them separately.

The filters available in the Unified List View will help you navigate through your scheduled content and find the posts you’re looking for quickly. 🤓

Note: You can only use one filter at a time.

New Features

Minimize a post

With this brand-new feature, you can now minimize the post you’re working on by clicking the minimize icon in the top right corner.

This will allow you to dip in and out of other tasks while you’re creating your content, without losing any of your work.

To go back to your minimized post, just click on the publishing icon

Add the first comment on Instagram

On Instagram, with this new feature, you can now create, schedule, and automatically post the first comment so it goes live at exactly the same time as your Instagram post!

After uploading your images, switch the toggle that’s located below the “Instagram options” section.

This new feature will allow you to add more context, include up to 30 hashtags (this has the same hashtag limit as a normal Instagram post does), and maximize the reach of all your Instagram posts.

Or, you could use this extra space to tag other user accounts (like friends or partners), or even start a conversation with someone at the time of posting.

Preview your Instagram grid

To help you visualize the content you’ve created on Instagram, we’ve launched the new Instagram Grid Preview.

To access the Instagram Grid Preview, simply click on the icon, which is located in your calendar view.

From the Instagram Grid Preview, you'll get a list of all your Instagram posts and a preview of each piece of content so you can see how it looks once it’s published on Instagram.

You can also switch the toggle to view the status of your posts and see which ones are published, which have been scheduled, which are waiting to be approved, and which are queued.

Finally, you can export your grid preview as a PNG so you can share it with people who don't have a seat in your Agorapulse organization.

To learn more about the Instagram grid view, click here.

Create content for Google My Business

With this new feature, you can now publish content and schedule updates, offers, and even events on Google my Business.

You will see specific options to add your CTAs and engage with your audience!

Create drafts

You don’t need to assign posts to yourself to save great content ideas and first drafts anymore.

If you need to jot ideas down or work on a post that you want to revisit later, you can now save your content as a draft.

To create a draft, switch the toggle that sits below the text input panel.

Drafts can’t be assigned to other teammates, but you can choose whether to schedule a draft or not. If you choose to schedule a draft, this will appear in your calendar. You can use the filters to quickly find your drafts.

If you leave your content as a draft without a date, you can easily find it again in your library.

Create calendar notes

To give you more flexibility with your content, you can now add calendar notes to scheduled or previously published posts. 🎉

Calendar notes are a great way to highlight important dates and events or to add detail about other activities that you might be running in parallel, like email campaigns or webinars.

To add a calendar note, just head over to your calendar view and scroll over any date. You will see an icon in the top right corner.

Click on that icon, add a title, and start typing out your note.

You can even color-code your notes so that you can quickly identify them. You could make reminders green, events blue, and awareness days yellow, for example.

If you don’t want to see the notes on your calendar view, simply disable the toggle via the calendar filter option.

Note: Your calendar notes will be visible to your internal team and will be shown across all profiles.

Use the new calendar filters

We’ve added several new calendar filters to your calendar view so that you can sort your posts and search through your content to find and view what you’re looking for quickly.

From the calendar view, hover over the “Filters” section and apply your chosen filters to find:

  • Content by type

  • Content by its status

  • Content by label

  • Drafts

  • Notes

Please note that some of the new features and improvements listed above are not available in all plans. What features are available to you depends on the subscription plan you have.

If you'd like to unlock these features, feel free to contact us to talk about a new plan.

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